The Reality of Secular Liberal Democracy, and the Islamic worldview (part 2)

The age which produced the birth of a new worldview in European thought, called anachronistically, ‘The Enlightenment’,that would see the new and radical world view called today ‘Secular Liberalism’, or ‘Liberalism’.

In order to understand the reality and meaning behind the modern use of Democracy, we must understand what gave rise to its resurrection, the significances behind this, and the purpose of it relative to the ideology of Secular Liberalism.

Reject Democracy & ‘Freedom of Speech’ and predict the collapse of Western civilisation? You’re an extremist…unless you’re Chinese!

Reject Democracy, ‘Freedom of Speech’ and predict the collapse of Western civilisation?’re called an extremist….unless you’re Chinese! Enter Eric X. Li, a successful Chinese Entrepreneur in Shanghai, and political scientist, whose educational history includes both universities in China, and Berkeley… Read More ›