Following the herd to the ballot boxes


Again the elections are here, this time the London elections. And again the chorus of Muslims urging us to vote can be heard aloud from the highest minarets of the Muslim mindscape. Of course I shall not be voting; me and my fellow conscientious objectors will not be complicit in discarding our principles upon the altar to the idol of naive pragmatism. What most confounds me, however, is the eternal optimism of the democratic participant – who believes with great blind faith, that by obeying the herd and submitting themselves to the slavish imitation of the common passion and whim, that they are somehow wiser than those who take principle to be weightier than expediency. That most people around them, including the imbecile and simpleton, also follow suit along this path, completely escapes their notice – as indeed is the nature of the system; a political casino, which requires frequent customers, and where ‘the House always wins’. Alas it remains obvious to those who think for themselves, if you keep following where the ring in your nose is pulled, you will end up on display at the butcher shop.

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