EVENT VIDEO: ‘How Can We Know The Purpose Of Life?’ [ONLINE by TMC & University of South Florida, USA]

On the 2nd October 2020, I presented an online lecture, hosted by the University of South Florida and The Muslim Connection (TMC) on ‘How Can We Know the Purpose of Life?’, a talk about how *anyone* can discover the existence of God, the purpose behind the universe and life, determine the need for revelation, and distinguish authentic revelation from bogus or corrupted claims.

Those who invited me told me rather exasperatedly, of the deteriorating conditions of Muslim belief in the USA, and how many Muslims had left Islam due to liberal ideologies, a society that is generally Godless (in non devout Christian areas) or due to being implanted with a biased “scepticism” at university or popular culture that pre-supposed all religion is man-made. Many of them knew parents whose children (sometimes all of them) had left Islam. They asked me to hold a lecture on how we can establish certainty in belief and lead inevitably to certainty in Islam.

To wit, I urge you all to listen along with your family, and invite anyone who are suffering doubts, those who have left Islam, and those who are from non-Muslim backgrounds but curious about Islam, to attend and benefit. I’ve also asked the organisers to collect as many questions before the event, requests candid questions from those who might be too embarrassed to ask controversial questions.

After my presentation, I took open and no-holds barred questions from the audience. As anyone who knows my style in lectures, I will grant anyone the chance to challenge anything I say and make a follow up comment, or even allow a back and forth, for there is nothing to fear from the truth, nor hiding from it, for it will always find us one way or another.

Categories: Islam, Islamic Beliefs (Creed), LECTURES, Proof of God, Proofs for God, Purpose of Life, Rational Investigation of Life & Existence, THEOLOGY

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