ONLINE EVENT: ‘The Causes of Doubts about Islam – The Need to Establish Muslim Belief on Certainty’ [16th Dec 2020, hosted by the Universities of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent and Loughborough]

I’ve been graciously invited by a joint collaboration of the Student Islamic Societies of the Universities’ of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent and Loughborough to present an online lecture on the topic ‘The Causes of Doubts about Islam – The Need to Establish Muslim Belief on Certainty’.

Many events have discussed the origin of doubts that have risen among Muslim populations living in the West, but not many have also discussed the increase in doubts and apostasy among Muslims in Westernised/colonialised societies in the Muslim world, nor attempted to explain this too – both related to uncertainty in belief in Islam (due to rote learned doctrines taught as a stale dogma), and uncertainty in what direction in life to live for (which is characterised by the chaos and confusion Muslims face in politics, despite rapidly increasing persecution of Islam and Muslim across the globe).

This event, I’ll not only be having a frank discussion on the causes of the doubts among Muslims in the West, and within the Muslim world, but also how the solution to this must manifest, which requires establishing certainty in belief and certainty in purpose and direction.

But certainty in belief requires comprehensive rational inquiry (i.e. thinking based upon observation), fact-checking and research into Islam itself, conducted in tandem with updating Muslim knowledge about the world to match the current frontiers of discovered knowledge since the classical age of Muslim civilisation. And certainty in purpose and direction requires something many (post-colonialised) Muslims fear to look to deep into due to their misunderstanding of it, a holistic and comprehensive implementation of Islam, superior in managing and balancing human nature compared to any other political philosophy or system.

The lecture will look at how uncertainty in belief and direction cause doubts and apostasy, and how Muslims can rationally achieve certainty of belief, and certainty in purpose and direction.

While the lecture will summarised a lot of the rational observations and demonstrations of the truth of Islam, a fuller, more detailed and systematic approach can be found in the Dawah Masterclass course I’m teaching at the The Quran Institute, which is still ongoing and available for students to join.

Time & Date

This event will be held on Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

Time: 6PM / 18:00 London (GMT, UK time)

The event will be live-streamed on zoom call at:

Meeting ID: 829 4008 6333

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