ONLINE EVENT: ‘Liberalism: The Modern Religion’ [1st Dec 2020, hosted by McMaster University, CANADA]

I’ve been graciously invited by the McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, to present an online lecture critiquing the modern deen (worldview/ideology/religion) of secular Liberalism, that is currently the dominant ideology of the West and all its satellite, former colonial states today around the world.

Many of you will know that I’ve had a long history of critiquing liberalism, debating its advocates in public debate, and demonstrating the superiority of Islam as a way of life and worldview.

However, recently I’ve been teaching Muslims a more systematic understanding of liberalism in context of the bigger picture of the history and development of Western political philosophy over two courses at the Quran Institute, which I highly recommend.

The event at McMasters is open to everyone, and will feature an in-depth, but clear and accessible overview of liberalism, it’s irrational premises, contradictions and disjunction with human nature, and how Muslims should engage it with the Quran and Sunnah.

Event Description (by Organisers):

As Muslims, we are regularly asked many pressing questions. We are asked, why do Muslims get upset with this or why does Islam allow/disallow that?

Commonly, when answering these questions, Muslims immediately jump on the “back-foot”. However, what Muslims need to do is question the question. Every question has an assumption/presupposition and one of these assumptions is liberalism.

The core idea of liberalism is that every human is the supreme lord of themselves and their property. However, does liberalism have any foundation to stand on? Can one prove liberalism to be true? How can we identify questions that pre-suppose liberalism?

To give a critique of liberalism and answer these questions, the Dawah Directorship presents “Liberalism: The Modern Religion”, with Br. Abdullah al Andalusi! Br. Abdullah is an international speaker, thinker, and intellectual activist for Islam and Muslim affairs.

Time & Date

This event will be held on Tuesday, December 1st , 2020

5:30 PM (EST, Ontario, Canada time) or 10:30pm (GMT, UK time)

Insha’Allah! This is an enlightening lecture about the problems with liberalism and how it affects us as Muslims.

The event will be live-streamed on the MacMSA group or you could join the zoom call at:

The facebook event can be accessed here:

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