Taking the Middle Way: How Muslims should navigate Western society polarised between Right and Left Wing

The lecture will be about the confusion facing people in both the West, including Muslims residing there, about how to navigating the competing ideologies of the “right-wing” and “left-wing” factions.

I present the origins of this “scale”, and how the scale was invented to “measure” the madhahib [schools of thought] withing Secular Liberalism.

I explains how Islam doesn’t fit on either end of the scale, and what Muslims can do to navigate the politics and social spheres of a society wracked by sectarian divisions within Secular-liberalism.

The lecture will help to clarify how Muslims can navigate between, and deal with, the ideologies of both the far-right (fascists, ethno-nationals), right-wing/centre-left (classical liberals, sectarian conservative Christians) and left-wing (socialists, SJWs, 3rd wave Feminists etc).

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