Mosque Lecture Video: Crisis of Faith in an Age of Individualism

Another video of my Canada 2019 Winter tour is now available. The event featured was held in renown mosque known locally as “Coopers Mosque”, where I presented a lecture on how Liberalism & Individualism are the true cause of doubts about religion and God, and how to provide an Islamic response to them.

Many Muslims today wonder why Atheism is on the rise in the Muslim world, and while many have engaged to respond to it, few have realised the true cause of Atheism in the Muslim world – the political and moral system of Liberalism, and it’s creed, Individualism.

The video is a must watch for those wanting to understand how Liberalism and Individualism lead to Atheism, and how Muslims can effectively respond to them and eliminate the sources of doubt before they take root.

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  1. Salaam brother, very interesting talk. Jazakallah for sharing!

    I wanted to ask if liberalism is based on individualism, is another form of this (currently in ‘vogue’) the term narcissism. Narcissism is primarily due to bad parenting and or social trauma when young which leads them to be selfish, entitled and arrogant adults who serve themselves above all else and lack compassion and empathy. Does this also mean people who turn out to be narcissistic could also lead them to atheism?

    The ijmah of psychologists say that narcissism is not curable as it is a personality disorder that after treatment never yields results, and their advice is to stay away from these types of people as they will destroy your life. But Islamically it seems it can be cured. In fact if we look at the narcissism or extreem arrogance, as it is termed in Islam, 3 profound stories come to mind – the story of iblees at the time of Adam (as)’s creation, Firouwn and the coming Dajaal.

    It seems by these examples dawah/warnings were given to all and they were not considered majnoon, therefore it is curable. Musa (as) continued to give Firouwn dawah, he was not considered a lost cause to narcissism (until the end). If Narcissism to this extreem is reversible with dawah then the rest of humanity still has a chance of changing?

    All three of these have taken their arrogance/narcissism to such a degree they declared themselves God in the end. This seems quite scary, that if people don’t keep their arrogance/narcissism/ego in check it can lead to a God complex in the extreem.

    How can one avoid falling into this when society is becoming increasingly narcissistic? in this interview: (12.05 – 20.55)
    Sam Vaknin discusses narcissism as a societal problem that will turn psychotic in it’s next stage.

    Here – he discusses that capitalism is not only creating narcissism but also changing behaviour in the workforce in order to survive.

    Narcissism seems to be a result of abuse – you are kind/selfless to someone and they take advantage of you in the most heinous/Machiavellian way, as a result you become hard hated and less empathic or even machiavellian yourself as a defence mechanism so as not to be hurt again and so the disease spreads in society… I’ve seen this in families, I’ve seen it in marriages, I’ve seen it in business.

    In addition I’ve also noticed difference in values and manners of people from smaller towns to large cities where business thrives – they seem more selfish, cunning, cut throat and certainly lack empathy. It seems to be successful in this capitalist world will eventually erode your faith, as it doesn’t pay (literally) to be selfless/empathic in the work place.


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