The Ludicrous Confusion of Muslims who adopt Liberalism

The cartoon by ‘Muslim Safe Space’ below is hilarious but sadly true. This is what happens when some Muslims adopt Liberalism and inherit along with it, the contradictions within the morality of [Social] Liberalism…

Social Liberalism went beyond Classical Liberalism, which originally only prevented people from violence and theft – but let them loose to do what they want in economics, advertising etc etc (although it was never purely applied due to Christian morality). In the 20th century, after the many economic busts and turmoil, Liberalism got “hands on” and developed ideas that the state must regulate the “free market” (rendering it no longer “free” anymore).
Due to philosophers like John Stuart Mill, who argued that social pressure is more oppressive than a state law – Liberal activism turned towards enforcing Liberal morality (ironically via it’s own social pressure), which is called euphemistically “political correctness”.
This meant that “if liberal laws allow people to do an action, no one should be allowed to express (or think) anything negative or disapproving about that action”. Eventually law = morality. As writer Matt Groening once said “Once the government approves something, it’s no longer immoral”.
Eventually, this means not that Liberal society ends social “policing”, but rather creates social policing, but for Liberal morality. Many Muslims (especially those who want to engage in activities outside the bounds of Islam, but hate being called out for it), hide behind Liberal morality and counter-argue “it’s my choice” or “I hate how people get told what to do, they should shut their mouths” (which is ironically telling people what to do – I do wonder why the counter-counter argument can’t be “well I CAN tell you what to do, it’s my mouth, so my choice…” either.
Ultimately, Liberals are still human, and being human, no matter how much Liberal values they tout – they can’t escape what happens when you combine human nature with the bad practices that Islam prohibits. If people are at a party where people of different sexes can free-mix, wearing attractive clothing that emphasises sexual attributes and being allowed to casually touch each other in a friendly way. After adding alcohol to that, and adding a courtship dynamic where people don’t like saying “you may touch me now”, but leave it to people to guess when such touching would be welcomed, you’re going to get situations where a lot of people transgress [1].
Some women complain that they don’t like how a man touched their shoulders without permission, but men can touch each other’s shoulders without permission and no one bats an eye. If men and women should treat each other equally, then how can these liberals prevent men from touching women (in non-sexual areas), if it is allowed to do so between two individuals of the same sex?
So Liberals are left in a confusing paradox of their own making, because they want people to free-mix, drink an intoxicant known for its tendency to remove inhibition (at said free-mixing parties), wear sexually revealing clothes (if they feel “empowered” by it [2]), shake people’s hands even of the opposite sex, but at the same time expect to prevent 100% of unwanted touching (or pressure by someone to be touched).
It’s better if Muslims who have adopted Liberal ideology return back to Islam, which keeps things neat, simple and straightforward, no touching between the sexes, no touch of someone’s awrah within the sexes, no free-mixing parties, no alcohol…no problems 🙂

[1] both the laws of Islam, and Liberal laws. Fornication would still be considered a transgression in Islam, consensual or not, let’s not forget
[2] Which means they enjoy the ability to create unsolicited sexual arousal in others as a means of social leverage and status.

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