Debate: “Being British & Muslim”, 5th March 2019, Birmingham, UK

Calling all Brummies!

I’ve been invited to participate at a debate on Islam, nationalism and “Being British” at Aston University (Birmingham, UK) at 6pm on Tuesday 5th March 2019 [room MB 517], with four other speakers, including two politicians, one Student activist and a Muslim professor of Theology. The event is a must attend for all Muslims who have heard the repeated cliches “Are you British?” and shibboleths “Are you British first or Muslim first?”. The debate promises to be contentious (but well mannered), with all the panellists discussing and debating is being British an origin, feeling or nationalism? And if a Nationalism, can Muslims be nationalist and (good) Muslim at the same time?


  • Abdullah Andalusi, Muslim Debate Initiative
  • Professor Oliver Scharbrodt, Professor of Theology, Department of Theology, University of Birmingham
  • Student activist (does not want to be named)
  • Salma Yaqoob, former Parliamentary Candidate for the RESPECT Party, and former Birmingham City Councillor

Event Description (by Aston Islamic Society):

Can you be Muslim and British?

What are British Values?

How do Muslims fit into British society and do they need to integrate further?

For an answer to these questions, and any more you may have – come to our Discover Islam Week evening event, where our panel will address these important issues!


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  1. How do we attend this brother? Do we need to register/is there costs? Do we need to be a student at Aston?


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