Event: “Why Islam?” (How do we know it’s the truth and not another possibility/ideology or religion?), 27th Feb 2019, Middlesex University, London

I’ve been invited by Middlesex University (London) Islamic Society to give a lecture on “why Islam?” (How do we know it’s the truth and not another possibility/ideology or religion?).

The lecture will see me discussing how we can know, out of all the religions, ideologies, faiths and conceivable possibilities behind reality, how we can know Islam not only gives a consistent and comprehensive account – but how it is the only possible explanation for reality that there could ever be.

All are welcome to attend. Event will be recorded Insha’Allah.

Event Description (by organisers):

‘Our midway event in Discover Islam Week!

Out of all the countless religions in our world, why choose Islam? What makes this unique and uncorrupted form of monotheism the foundation of mankind’s dignity and civilisation’s values?

In an era of truth being deemed relative, and shyness in the face of a secular society, the key and most important aspect of Islam, why it is the truth and how we know it to be so, is sadly neglected

MDX ISOC is honoured to invite all of you to join us on Wednesday 27th February at 6pm with our special guest Abdullah Al Andalusi a revert to Islam and public debater for over 10 years to witness the reason of ‘Why Islam’ is the truth that mankind has long awaited and misunderstood.

Bringing pioneering rational arguments from the classical scholars of Islam showing how from the comprehensiveness and consistency of Islam, why it is the truth and why the purpose behind creation and life could only have ever been as Islam revealed’.


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