UK DEBATE: Should the state be completely separate from religion? Bishop; Abdullah al Andalusi vs Frmr UK Prosecutor & Secular Professor

My debate with former UK Prosecutor Nazir Afzal, a Secularist Professor, and my co-panellist, the Lord Bishop of Coventry, is now online and available to watch – al-Hamdulillah.

The Muslim Debate Initiative

MDI is pleased to announce the release of a debate held at Warwick University on the topic of Secularism, religion and politics. Despite the debate getting a little heated, it remained completely respectful with very robust back and forths.

The debate featured on the Secularist side, a professor and the former UK prosecutor Nazir Afzal, who is famous for prosecuting the ‘Rochdale rape gang’ case. On the other side, arguing against Secularism, is MDI’s Abdullah al Andalusi, and the Lord Bishop Christopher Cocksworth, a member of the UK Parliament’s upper house, the House of Lords.

Context for the Debate

Despite the widespread advocacy of complete Secularism by both the post-colonial political elite and Western backed advocacy groups, touted as the solution to the problems throughout the Muslim world, key countries in the West, such as the UK still have a state religion – and a state established Church, the Church…

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