Upcoming Tour of Finland – Scandinavia (23rd-26th April 2018) – Muslim in the West & ‘Becoming a Confident Muslim’

Salam alaikum brothers and sisters,

I’ve been kindly invited to speak in the beautiful Scandinavian country of Finland, at three panel events (Helsinki [23rd April], Turku [24th April] and Vantaa [25th April] on the topic of ‘Muslims in the West’ and a workshop on becomign a confident Muslim, [26th April].
Detainee X Movie [by Boona Mohammed], panel discussion & lecture on Muslims in the West [Abdullah al Andalusi].
The first three events will feature the showing of a movie ‘Detainee X’, followed by a panel discussion, and then a short lecture by myself on Muslims in the West.
The panel discussions will discuss a variety of topics from Identity, Islamophobia, integration/assimilation, ‘extremism’ and radicalisation. The first panel discussion event (in Helsinki), with feature the Finnish interior minister, Tarja Mankkinen.
23rd April 2018 – Helsinki
17.00 – 20.30
Tennispalatsi Helsinki, Hall 2
Salomonkatu 15
24th April 2018 – Turku
17.00 – 20.30
Kinopalatsi Turku, Hall 2
Kauppiaskatu 11
25th April 2018 – Vantaa
17.00 – 20.30
Kino Myyri Vantaa,
Hall 1 Event Schedule
Kinorinne 6
26th April 2017 – Confident Muslim Workshop – Helsinki
Details coming soon (see here for updates: https://www.facebook.com/pg/nuortenmuslimienfoorumi/posts
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