The Quran’s refutation of Atheism in 21 words

A short video I made for the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) ‘Quran Campaign’. In the video I present 21 words from the Quran that I believe provide the most succinct and comprehensive rational argument highlighting the fundamental fallacy behind the assumption of Atheism. The argument provided by the Quran differs little from the arguments speakers, thinkers and debaters use today.

Or were they created by nothing,

or were they the creators [of themselves]?

Or did they create the heavens and the earth?

Rather, they are not certain

(Quran 52:35]

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  1. I mentioned these verses to atheist, but he was so adamant that he replied that these are not enough to prove God’s existence. Anyways In my blog I wrote an article that “Science can not disprove GOD’s existence”. You can check it by clicking on the link.


  2. 1. Created or brought into being from nothing
    2. Self caused or self created
    3. Created or brought into being by something else that began to exist
    4. Created or brought into being by a non-created or un-caused entity


  3. if only we didn’t allow stupid people to talk to atheists as if they have something to say, that would be great. Please don’t use words like “rational” you don’t know what that means.


  4. If it’s an argument for anything, it’s an argument in favour of agnosticism. Really it is just an assertion that agnostics exist.

    It certainly isn’t an argument for the existence of God because it postulates other possibilities and does nothing to refute them.

    The refutation of these possibilities is what today’s speakers, thinkers and debaters try to do. So we might say it is half an argument against atheism.


  5. 1. existence of the deterministic universe from nothing is irrational
    2. one cannot be both ephemeral and eternal as this is irrational
    3. athiests are deluded and irrational
    4. they know their belief is deeply flawed as it is irrational so they can never achieve certainty-in fact they invent an entire philosophy on why certainty is not possible and therefore need not be persued.


  6. What is this talk about “god”? Even if this force called “god” exists, that does not say anything about whether ISlam is true or not. If the author of the quran is indeed this “god” thingy, then we all need to be afraid, VERY afraid, because The quran is all over the place, yet it’s from a “god”?


  7. this argument is not necessarily to prove Islam, however to prove gods existence. most, if not all religions have at their core belief, their number 1 belief, is to believe in some sort of god. this argument in the Quran is trying to assert that belief in god, and show evidences as to why.

    this argument that the Quran gives is to show the holes in the atheist argument, of how ” something can come from nothing”. this argument is illogical and irrational, and is not mathematically incorrect, as 0+0+0 can never equal 1.

    another argument is that they are not certain. this is an argument to both atheist and agnostic, as some atheist claim “that they do not know”, basically about anything that created them, whilst agnostic are uncertain in the belief in gods existence. the Quran is simply pointing this out, of how they have no concrete belief in a higher power.

    if you want proof of why Islam is gods religion and why the Quran is gods word, then look at the miracles of the Quran, affirming the holy divinity of the Quran. it has many signs for those who do not believe, and disproves many of the arguments for those people against Islam, and have false belief in other false religions.


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