A reflection on Atheism and the natural condition of humans


An Atheist said “Everyone is born not believing in a God, therefore Atheism is the natural condition, and that’s why I’m an Atheist”.
To which I respond “People are also born unknowing of language, ignorant, and without sensation of the world except noise and shadows. Which, if unchanged, produces no ability to think”

“They are deaf, dumb and blind, and so they do not think and understand.” (Quran 2:171)



P.S. Of course new research has shown that babies are actually predisposed towards believing in God.

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  1. 1- Such statement “Everyone is born not believing in God” still needs experimental proof. Thus it’s merely an assertion that led such Atheist to atheism! Another proof atheists follow not science but speculations at most.

    2- The question isn’t whether babies would believe on God or not, but whether they would develop a belief on God after they left to grow alone without any external guidance/education?

    If this atheist would make a question to Tarzan (a boy raised in a forest without any other human education), do you believe in God? Tarzan’s answer would be definitely be positive, and he’ll point his finger to the sky!


  2. “Atheism is the natural condition, and that’s why I’m an Atheist.”

    If that is the reason for being an atheist, then it is fallacious. One could easily argue:

    “Babies are born not believing that the earth is spherical or that the earth rotates, hence not believing in these things is the natural condition, and that’s why I lack belief in these things”.

    Hence, it’s irrational to derive truths based on what we think the natural condition of babies is.

    Also, notice the claim of the atheist:

    “Everyone is born not believing in a God.”

    Merely not believing in God is not atheism. Atheism also includes the belief that God does not exist. Atheism means:

    “The theory or belief that God does not exist.” (Joyce Hawkins – The Oxford Encyclopedic English Dctionary, 1991 – Page 85).


    “An atheist is a person who maintains that there is no god.” (Paul Edwards – The Encyclopedia Of Philosophy – Volume 1 – Page 175).

    So, even if babies are born merely lacking belief in God, it doesn’t follow that babies are atheists. In order to intellectually assert that babies are born as atheists, the atheist would have to prove that babies are born with the belief that there is no God. How atheists can prove this is beyond me.


  3. when a calf born, after few minutes the calf go directly mams of mother, who teach him. who brings him near of mothers mam. of course Allah Almighty teach him in this short period.


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