Lecture in Toronto, Canada via Skype ‘Investigating Media Bias’ (University of Toronto, 19th March 2015)

After my lecture at Bournemouth University [UK] today, I have another lecture immediately afterwards in Toronto, Canada. No, I can’t travel at the speed of light! I will be using Skype for my second lecture this evening. For all those who live in Toronto, and want to attend, details of the room and event are below:

Event description:

Subjective or objective? Is there really a discrepancy or bias in the way that mainstream media outlets portray certain issues, based on the religious identification of the individuals involved? Does the mainstream media push forth certain narratives in the way that it frames “the West” and “the rest”? Through this event, the Students for World Justice Committee will seek to explore these ideas, and examine the ways in which we are to be critical consumers of the media. We are very excited to be Skyping in our speaker, Abdullah al-Andalusi, after which point we will be having a question and answer session!

Come take a study break and engage with us!

Date and Time: March 19th 5-7 PM (Toronto time obviously)
Location: Bahen Centre B025
University of Toronto, main campus
Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 12.59.58

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