I’m in Canada this month for an exciting lecture and debate tour through Western and Eastern parts of Canada!


The amazing brothers and sisters of NYMiNK have co-organised with Canadian MSAs in western Canada to set up a United Islamic Awareness Week 22nd-25th Jan 2019 going through the University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina and the Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, British Columbia).

The week is then concluded with a massive Dawah Conference in Edmonton (Alberta) on 26th Jan 2019, also organised by MYNiNK, who’ve invited me to speak alongside speakers Dawud Walid, Shaikh Fahad Tasleem and fellow Brit, Hamza Tzortzis.

Following straight after, on 27th Jan 2019 I travel to the East coast of Canada, Toronto, to begin the second week of university and mosques lectures and a university debate with an Atheist, organised by organised by the i3 Institute.

I’ll be posting the event information and posters individually on this site, but for those who want to all the event information in one place, here it is below [this page will be updated so check back regularly].

Western Canada [Week 1]

22nd-25th January 2019 United Islam Awareness Week  “To Be God Gifted: Is our moral and conscious reality gifted by God?”


For the first week of my Canada tour, I will be speaking on the ‘To Be God Gifted’ UIAW tour, organised by NYMink and the MSAs of the University of Regina, Saskatchewan and Simon Fraser.

I will be presenting the lecture “Total Knockoff” – dealing with misconceptions  and distortion about Islam at universities in western Canada on the following dates:

Tuesday 22nd Jan 2019, University of Saskatchewan [Saskatoon, Saskatchewan], at 7pm, ARTS 241

Thursday 24th Jan 2019, University of Regina [Regina, Saskatchewan], at 7pm, CL 130

Friday 25h Jan 2019, Simon Fraser University [Vancouver, British Columbia], at 6pm, Blusson Hall, room 9660

Saturday 26th January 2019 CANADIAN DAWAH CONVENTION (EDMONTON): DAWAH IS OUR CURE – Putting Dawah Back Into Our Communities

50949602_2244211175629315_8198349418462707712_o (1)

The Canadian Dawah Convention, organised by NYMiNK, has set up a day long Dawah event focusing on a number of key topics that face Muslims in the West (and generally) today. My lecture topic is “Stuck in the Middle with You: Benefiting from the Harmony of Islamic Thought in the Chaos of a Progressively Polarized Society” – a lecture on how Muslims can navigate between and deal with the ideologies of both the far-right (fascists, ethno-nationals), right-wing/centre-left (classical liberals, sectarian conservative Christians) and left-wing (SJWs, 3rd wave Feminists etc).

Other speakers attending include, again, Dawud Walid, Shaikh Fahad Tasleem and Hamza Tzortzis.

Sat 26th Jan, 10:00am-7:00pm, Edmonton, 14525 127 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6V 0B3, Canada

Eastern Canada [Week 2]

And for the final week of my Canada tour, I will be travelling to the East coast of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, for a tour of masajids (mosques) and universities organised by the esteemed Sheikh Osta and Shaikh Rasoul and the other brilliant brothers and sisters at the i3 Institute.

Jan 27th 2019, “Faith Crisis in the Era of Individualism”, Jame Masjid Mississauga, 5761 Coopers Ave, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1R9, 7pm

Jan 28th 2019, “[UnIslamic] Culture Vs Islam”, Masjid al Noor (117 Geneva Street, St Catherines, ON L2R4N3), 7pm

Jan 29th 2019, “Dealing with Doubts in Faith”, University of Waterloo [Room TBC], 7pm

Jan 30th 2019, Atheist Debate [Topic TBC], University of Guelph [Room TBC], 7pm

50745270_2569815736378655_2504996648409628672_o (1)

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