UK BIG DEBATE: Can European Human Rights tolerate Sharia and other religious laws?

The MDI Debate on whether European Human Rights can tolerate Sharia and other religious laws is now available to watch.

On the 10th of April 2013, a debate was held on whether European Human Rights could incorporate the rights of religions and their practices. A Rabbi, Human Rights Lecturer, Atheist Humanist and a Muslim debated the issue on a panel.|

The initial post-debate review can be read here.

A transcript of the debate will be available soon.

The full video of the exciting debate on Shariah, the intellectual fallacy of Liberalism, European Human Rights, and reality of Liberal Intolerance can be seen below:

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12 replies

  1. As a non-Muslim, would I be allowed to put up a “cigarettes sold here” sign on my front lawn under a Caliphate?


  2. How about a sign that says:
    -beer sold here or
    -marijuana sold here or


  3. So if the majority of non-Muslims living within the non-Muslim autonomous area had not issue with my sign\service, would the Caliphate allow it?


  4. Considering:
    -the transaction would only happen in private space
    -only individuals who consent to service/sale would enter the private space

    Why would the Caliphate not allow me to put up said sign in a Muslim majority area?


  5. Yes Mexico.

    Why would the Caliphate not allow me to put up said signs in a Muslim majority area? Is it because it would be just as intolerant as some western countries towards these types of things?

    You did say the Caliphate would not care what people did in private.


    • Mexico is not a Western country in the traditional sense. Also, you rather miss the obvious. Putting up a sign advertising what you do in your house, is not privacy.

      A Caliphate does not care what people do in private, as long as you keep it private.


  6. So Why would the Caliphate not allow me to put up said signs in a Muslim majority area?


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