Youth Lecture: “Do not change yourself” The whispers of Shaytan

This was a talk given to Muslim youth at a community centre in central London.

The talk featured guest speaker, Abdullah al Andalusi, hosted by M.O.D (Ministry of Dawah – a youth dawah initiative).The Talk was given to Muslim female and male youth from various backgrounds. PLEASE NOTE: the language used in the Talk is colloquial to London youth, therefore english speakers from other countries may not understand everything spoken.

Main presentation on ‘You are fine as you are’ – The whispers of Shaytan, is 20 minutes.

Questions and Answers session follows for 25 minutes afterwards.

Interesting Questions include:

Does evil [thoughts] only come from shaytan?

If Allah (God) is good, why does he create Evil?

Why does Allah (God) permit the existence of Shaytan?

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