The Blue Coats are Coming! U.S.A enlists American Muslims into their propaganda army

20090705002350_bluecoatsThe objectives of the United states of America towards the Muslim world are well known, as was cited by the think tank that serves as the biggest adviser to the US government:

“The United States…would prefer an Islamic world that is compatible with the rest of [its global] system: democratic, economically viable, politically stable, socially progressive, and follows the rules and norms of international conduct”

“Civil and Democratic Islam” – RAND corporation

Ironically, it is precisely the US that has failed to achieve economic viability of late, not to mention it soaring crime rates and international unilateral actions that have put paid to its reputation of being ‘socially progressive’ and ‘following the rules and norms of international conduct’. But the US, ever seeking to achieve its permanent interests over and above any notion of fulfilling ‘the will of the people’, has always looked towards the Muslim world as a source of fulfilling its interests. Interests of which, its client secular puppet regimes have been ever willing to sate. 

‘Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion. Say: “The Guidance of Allah,-that is the (only) Guidance.” Were you to follow their desires after the knowledge which hath reached thee, then wouldst thou find neither Protector nor helper against Allah’

(2:120 Quran)

But in order to continue to achieve its interests in the Middle East, the US requires Muslims to be pliant and amenable to its designs. So with the rise of Islam as a holistic counter-force to the US spearheaded plans for economic exploitation and cultural westernisation, has caused more and more Muslim wake up to the realisation that there exists a better way of life than the inhumane and failed system called secularism. Upon seeing the mass ideological rejection of its ideas of secularism and democracy throughout the Muslim world, America launched an ideological war on Islam under the banner of a ‘War on Terror’. Thus we have seen America engaged in large scale propaganda campaigns against holistic Islam via its media declaing it to be ‘Islamofascism’, while at the same time, encouraging the form of Islam it desires, with open arms, calling it ‘moderate Islam’.

“the United States is involved in a war that is both a battle of arms and a battle of ideas, in which ultimate victory can only be won when ‘extremist’ ideologies are discredited in the eyes of their host populations and tacit supporters.” 

Quadrennial Defense Review Report

America, together with Britain, has been seeking to instigate changes to Muslim thought amongst the masses of Muslims. The US and Britain have sought to encourage a pacifist Islam that embraces Secularism, Rule by majority consented oligarchies (known as ‘Modern Democracies’) and the abandonment of the Shariah as anything but a spiritual code to be practiced in private. In order to achieve these aims, the US and Britain sought use of allies from amongst the Muslims in order to spread their intellectually bankrupt ideology. To facilitate this, their main strategy was to use money and material clout to seduce the Muslim minorities in the Western countries in order to promote an otherwise irrational belief-political system.

“United States [aims] to identify committed reformers to initiate a “Secular da’wa,” by which forces of moderation would be associated with tangible improvements in living conditions

“Building Moderate Muslim Networks” – Report by the Rand Corporation

The Prophet said “I do not fear poverty among you, but I fear that wealth will become so abundant amongst you as it had been among previous nations. You will become so engrossed in it, like the people before you. It shall bring your downfall as it had bought down the downfall of those before you

Following the widespread failure of British ‘Muslim’ secularists to entice any significant degree of support from the part of the Muslim Ummah living in Britain, small-time Secularist organisations like Radical Middle Way and The City Circle aim to make use of all those ‘Muslims’ that have been enamoured by the comfortable lifestyle of America, and have agreed to sell-out their religion in order to promote un-Islamic concepts of (oligarchcal) democracy, the free-market, British / American patriotism/nationalism and the Western conception of women’s ‘rights’ (aka the right to nudeness, lewdness and shrewdness).

“U.S. institutions and personalities played an important role in the network building effort during the Cold War, so do American Muslims have a potentially important role to play in building moderate Muslim networks and institutions. Therefore, American Muslims, with their cultural knowledge and family and social links to their home countries, could be a critical vector in the war of ideas within the Muslim world ”

“Building Moderate Muslim Networks” -Report by the Rand Corporation

And now, these ‘Muslim’ secularists having freshly arrived from America and being funded to conduct a number of events such as:

‘Living the American Muslim dream’ The talk was on how Muslims should be so grateful for all the comforts we get in the West, how we should affilate ourselves with the country we live in, and how we should focus on our ‘community’ as our first priority [oh the bountiful gifts of nationalism! Where we must narrow our minds only to the concerns of our immediate ‘community’- ed]).

‘Can Muslims trust Barack Obama?’  Presented by ‘Imam’ Johari Abdul-Malik, described as a ‘Black-American Muslim Leader & Chair of Government Relations’ (quelle surprise! -Ed) of the Muslim Alliance of North America, of whom delivered a resounding YES to the talk’s titular question, ‘can Muslims trust Barack Obama?’. Johari also implored Muslims to trust democracy as a solution to all their problems.

‘Living Islam Out loud – The UK Tour’ was Talk in which one of the speakers, Aroosha Zoq Rana, is a ‘Muslim’ US state department employee! [well at least she is more obvious about who she works for! -ed]. The focus of the talk was the Western conception of womens rights, participation in democracy and the main speaker, Saleemah Abdul-Ghafur started the talk by saying “I am both an American and a Muslim and I hold those two identities to be of equal importance to me” [oh dear… -Ed]).

Then there’s Amina Wadud, who became infamous for leading a [inter]mixed congregation of men and women  in a church [! -Ed] in a Jumaah prayer in the US (whatever next?! Unisex wudhu and wusul facilities? – Ed).  She was recently ‘imported’ to perform the same thing in oxford, UK – unsurprisingly, the turn out was so abysimal, there was more journalists present there than actual attendee worshippers, of whom there were only 14! Seven men and seven women (perhaps afterwards they went out into the wilderness and founded their own colony – Ed).

These and many more American ‘Muslims’ have been specially ‘imported’ to give their ‘secular dawah’ to all and sundry among the peoples of the old world.  So protect your muhajiba women! Keep your children indoors! Hide your valuables and your Qurans! – the blue coats are coming….and they’re here in force!

‘And on the day when He shall gather them, and whatever they served besides Allah, He shall say: Was it you who led astray these My servants, or did they themselves go astray from the path?

They [those who were followed by a people who went astray] will say: “Glory to you! not meet was it for us that we should take for protectors others besides you: But Thou didst bestow on them and their fathers, good things (in life), until they forgot the Message: for they were a people (worthless and) lost.’

Quran 25:18

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