Speakers Corner Debate: A Christian asks “Was Prophet Muhammed just Insane?”

A filmed Speakers Corner London debate between a Christian and a myself. The Christian suggests that the Prophet Muhammed (saw) may have acted sincerely, but could have been insane. After a brief exchange the Christian holds up hands in defeat to a good answer. Overall an amicable discussion I thought.

Venue: Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London

Date: October 2006

Categories: Christianity, Christianity Debates, DEBATES, The Muslim Debate Initiative

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2 replies

  1. ‘Overall an amicable discussion I thought.’

    thats why you should come down to speakers corner more often Mr A


  2. Interesting that a Christian should pose this question rather than an Atheist – the same argument could be raised against the Christian who ‘claims’ that Jesus (as) claimed he was God or Son of God.
    I would ask this Christian why he would entertain the thought that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) who claimed no partnership or identity of God may have been insane, whilst not questioning the thought that he follows a man that (according to Christian ‘interpretation’) claimed to be God. Plenty of people suffering from mental illness out there making such claims of grandure.


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