Interview: A “brilliant response to an Atheist Darwinist” at the Oxford Debate – Subboor Ahmad & Abdullah Andalusi

I and renown Darwinism critic and da’ee, Subboor Ahmad discuss my response to an atheist Darwinist in the audience during the “Islam vs Atheism” debate at Oxford University on 6th May 2019 who asked (click here to see the moment): why there is “faulty copying” (or mutation/changes) in genetic replication, and (by implication) he wanted to argue whether that meant that God is an imperfect creator?

I challenged the atheist to stop making assumptions about the intent behind events in the universe, where he assumed that natural change in genetic transmission must be “faulty copying”. I riposted that all things that occur in the universe, and all mechanisms by which they occur, are the intent and will of God.

Br Subboor interviews me and discusses the response I presented in the debate, and we elaborate on my response with some in-depth considerations behind the purpose of creation, God’s majesty, genetic replication and Atheist assumptions.

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  1. salaam

    is it then a possibility that even in heaven , the human being will improve ? since ALLAH swt does not change and human does, then human will change in heaven?


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