PUBLIC DEBATE: Nationalism & Islam, and Muslims in the West

The Muslim Debate Initiative

The video of the (sometimes heated) debate on Nationalism & Islam, and Muslims in the West titled: “Being British & Muslim”at Aston University (Birmingham, UK) with four other speakers, including a politician, a Student activist, MDI speaker Abdullah al Andalusi and a Muslim professor of Theology, is now available to watch online.

The event is a must-watch for all Muslims who have heard demands upon them to be loyal to their state rather than their Creator and an affiliation to the Ummah, under the oft-repeated, and cliched questions levelled at Muslim: “Are you British?” and shibboleths “Are you British first or Muslim first?”.

The debate was slightly contentious (but well mannered), with all the panellists discussing and debating is being British an origin, feeling or nationalism? And if a Nationalism, can Muslims be nationalist and (good) Muslim at the same time?


  • Abdullah Andalusi, Muslim Debate Initiative
  • Professor…

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