I’ve been invited to discuss gambling and communities and claims of contradicting “Human Rights” laws, on BBC1’s Big Questions Programme

The BBC 1 discussion programme, ‘The Big Questions’, has invited me to discuss the topics of “should gambling be made socially unacceptable?” And, “do some communities ignore human rights law?”

It is presumable that by the term “some communities” they intend to discuss Muslims and Islam, as well as Islam’s laws and rules concerning families and gender roles between men and women.

Invited Attendess:

-Jon Bryan, poker player, gambler, and writer for Spiked Online

-Tony Franklin, Gambling Harm Expert-Fraser Myers, Staff writer @spikedonline. spiked podcast

-Salma Yaqoob, Stop The War Coalition, Representative for Birmingham Central Mosque

-Matt Zarb, political commentator

-Imtiaz shams, Trustee Humanist UK, Ex Muslim

-Aisha ali-khan, Co-organiser for Womens March London Campaigner-Activist for Feminist Zealots

-Andrea Williams, Director Christian Concern and Christian Legal Centre

-Sharon Jagger, PhD researcher at Centre for Women’s Studies

The show will be live and broadcast on Sunday 20th January 2019, at 11:30am (UK / GMT).

For  more information on The Big Questions Series, click here.

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  1. Thank you for your invitation


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