For some strange reason, some Muslims are wishing me a happy new year. This is quite odd, since the new year, 1st Muharram (ras al sana – “head of the year”) was two and a half months ago! (10th/11th September 2018 Gregorian).

Did those Muslims just find out that they missed 1st Muharram and wish to send me a belated “new year” message? But to such numbers? No, it must be something more sinister…surely a calendar bug on their computers!

However, the one case I can surely safely discount, is the unlikely possibility that some Muslims are celebrating the cyclical resetting of the calendar invented by the Catholic Pope Gregory XIII, in 990 hijri (1582CE). A calendar, I might add, that was invented to fix the time (Catholic) Christians celebrate Easter in the northern-hemisphere to better align it with the Spring time equinox.

This was done because the Pope wanted to conform to the edict of the Council of Nicaea* who probably thought it more romantic to have the anniversary of Jesus [A.S.]’s alleged crucifixion and alleged resurrection, to be at the same time every year, where after a long dark winter, the Sun reaches the point where it gives as much daylight hours as it does night time hours.

Surely Muslims aren’t celebrating the resetting of that calendar? Nah, of course not – we must always think good of each other, so it must be a calendar app bug then…

Please fix / update your software brothers and sisters

Have a nice 22 Rabi al-thani, 1440 Hijri

* Nicaean Ecumenical Council (325 CE), decreed that Easter should be celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring (Vernal) Equinox

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