My TV debate on Syria, Assad and the U.S. objectives behind intervention on Russia Today’s ‘Crosstalk’ Program [11th November 2015]

I appeared on Russia Today’s ‘Crosstalk’ program to debate and discuss the U.S’s and Russia’s interventions in Syria and their intentions for the future. On the program, I debated with:

Phyllis Bennis, journalist and fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, Washington DC

Danny Makki, political commentator and co-founder of the Syrian Youth in Britain (SYB)

Program’s Description:

‘While Secretary John Kerry talks of some kind of peace process for Syria, Washington appears to be doubling down on the same failed policy. Nonetheless, if the Russian deployment has bought time for diplomacy to take place, it has also bought time for the Syrian army to recover. The ball is in Washington’s court… CrossTalking with Abdullah al Andalusi, Danny Makki, and Phyllis Benni’s.

RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios.

Categories: Current Affairs, MEDIA APPEARANCES, Muslim World / Middle East

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