DEBATE VIDEO: Should we be Proud to be Patriotic? [Durham University, UK]

The Durham Debating Union hosted a debate at Durham University on the motion ‘This House is Proud to be Patriotic’ on Friday 23rd October 2015. The video of that debate is available to watch below.

Four speakers have been invited to propose and oppose the motion:


Mark Lewis, a renowned media lawyer who spearheaded the ground-breaking phone hacking cases against News of the World and News International, representing more than 120 victims including the Dowler family.

Dominic Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder of Somerset Capital Management LLP, a $7bn Global Emerging Markets asset management firm, and Chairman of the New City Initiative.


Peter Tatchell, a political campaigner who recently called for the abandonment of the British national anthem and a renowned activist within LGBT social movement.

Abdullah al Andalusi, an international speaker, thinker and intellectual activist for Islam and Muslim affairs.


The opposition won and successfully defeated the motion ‘This House is Proud is Proud to be Patriotic’, with 54% agreeing with the opposition to 45% supporting the motion.

This was quite an accomplishment in light of an online survey conducted by the Durham University newspaper ‘The Bubble’ showed that the general mood of its readers (presumably comprising mostly Durham university students visiting the website) were of a majority for Patriotism.

I have previously debated this topic of Patriotism at the Oxford Union (which can be viewed here), where the motion was also defeated after voting.

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