The Rise of ISIS: Origins & Reality (Lecture at School of Oriental & African Studies [SOAS])

Abdullah al Andalusi alongside Muhammad Dilwar Hussain spoke at a diverse and well attended lecture event at School of Oriental & African Studies [SOAS])on the rise of ISIS and the context surrounding their rise.

The event highlighted the origins of the ‘ISIS crisis’, looking at the actions of the oppressive and sectarian Iraqi and Syrian governments which led to the rise of ISIS with the full foreknowledge of the USA, and the media follow up which provided ISIS with its biggest profile and recruitment. The lectures provide a historical overview, with a brief insight and critique of ISIS and the Al Qaeda methodology – displaying the modernist and Secular influences behind it, and a look into the current reality and agendas of opportunist political actors.

The SOAS Muslim Students’ Association in partnership with the SOAS Middle East & North Africa Society hosted the event at the School of Oriental and African Studies [SOAS] on 16th January 2015.

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  1. Is there a Q&A session to come?


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