Debate: The Big Question ‘How Free is Speech?’ (13th Feb 2015)


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A discussion on the limits, objectives and application of free speech.

Friday 13th February – Queen Mary University Of London – Doors open 19:30

The aim of this event is to have a nuanced, balanced and compassionate dialogue on the concept of freedom of speech in light of the unfortunate Charlie Hebdo incident in Paris last month.

The event will feature a cross-panel discussion on the topics of freedom of speech, satirising religion, limits of the press and other related themes.

The event will be chaired by veteran journalist Yvonne Ridley, who is no stranger to delving into controversial and topical subjects.

She will be joined for the evening by:

• Moazzam Begg – Former Guantanamo Bay detainee & Director of Outreach for CAGE
• Professor Peter Cave – Chair of the Humanist Philosophers
• Dan Hodges – Blogger and Columnist for The Telegraph
• Andre Walker – Political Correspondent for Breitbart London
• Hamza Tzortzis – Head of Education and Research for iERA
• Abdullah Al Andalusi – Muslim Debate Initiative

General Admission – £15.00
Student Admission – £10.00
On The Door Admission – £20.00

Register now:

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About the ‘Don’t Hate, Debate!’ campaign

‘Don’t Hate, Debate!’ is a campaign led by the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) in partnership with advocacy group Cage, aimed at creating a platform for people of all faiths and none to engage in positive dialogue, without resorting to insults as a starting point of communication.

In order to achieve social progression, tolerance and community cohesion, it is pivotal that different groups within our society are able to discuss their differences without abusing or transgressing the boundaries of free speech, which will inevitably lead to animosity.

Find out more about this campaign at


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