Debate: Motion ‘This House Regrets the Decision to Republish the Charlie Hebdo Cartoons’ (12th Feb 2015)

Theatre B, Roscoe Building, University of Manchester

Event: 17:00–18:30

In Association with the Islamic Society of the University of Manchester:

Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical magazine known for its provocative cartoons lampooning political parties, individuals and religions. On the 7th of January 2015 two extremist gunmen entered the publication’s paris office and massacred twelve, including five cartoonists, claiming to have avenged the Prophet Mohammad after Charlie Hebdo published cartoons depicting him. Following this Charlie Hebdo increased its print run fifty fold and ran with a cover depicting the prophet. This cover was republished in some mainstream news outlets in the UK, including the Guardian and on Newsnight.

Many in the Islamic faith find depictions of the Prophet offensive and the selling of this edition of Charlie Hebdo and there have been demonstrations in across the Muslim world. Supporters of the publication argue that free speech is a fundamental right and should not be dictated by extremists. Critics argue that free speech should have limits, and that the insulting of religious minorities only inflames tensions.

This week the Manchester Debating Union and the University of Manchester Islamic Society ask: should we regret the decision to republish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons?

Speakers include:


Abdullah al Andalusi
– Islamic Activist and Co-founder of the public discussion forum: The Muslim Debate Initiative.

Asad Zaman
– Imam in Greater Manchester

Doug Cochran
– 3 time Semi-Finalist at the European Debating Championship.


Jack Mellish
– Chair of the University of Manchester Liberty League

Helen Feord
– 2nd Year Biology Student at UoM

Lejla Kurić
– Writer and Political Blogger, advocate for Secular Liberalism

For more information please visit the facebook events page.

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