Lecture Event: ‘Islam & Democracy – In Antagonism?’ (Uni of California, Davis, USA)


I have been invited by a student society of the University of California, USA (Davis Campus) to present a lecture on ‘Islam and Democracy: In Antagonism?’. The lecture will discuss democracy from a historical, philosophical and practical perspective. I will also be discussing sharia law, the Muslim community in the West, and a discussion on ‘modernity’, and what the Muslim perspective is towards it.

The lecture will be held on 30th May 2014, at 6pm in the Giedt Hall, room 1001.

University of California

1 Shields Ave,
CA 95616,
United States

More details can be found at the facebook site for this event here.

I will also be attending an event with ICNA on 31st May, more details here.

islam and democracy

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  1. salaam aleikum,

    please don’t forget to raise the case of Muslim students at UC Irvine i.e. the “Irvine 11”



    along with the brutal treatment meted out to Occupy Wall Street protestors by the police at UC Davis:


    2 examples of how “freedom of speech” inside the US run, capitalist empire doesn’t really apply.


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