EVENT in Birmingham: Syria – the Forbidden Conflict

Syria – the Forbidden Conflict

  • Why should we support Syria?
  • Why are people traveling to Syria being targeted by UK and other Western government authorities?
  • Why are charities getting a hard time?
  • Why is it a ‘forbidden’ conflict? What can Muslims here do?


Panel Discussion

Well known speakers will express their willingness to keep raising the plight of the Ummah globally and not to be intimidated by such attacks in the UK. There will be a fundraiser for those suffering due to the conflict in Syria.

Event starts at 6:30pm, details of the venue can be found here.

Confirmed Panelists

Dr Reda Pankhurst Member of Hizb ut-Tahrir
Shaykh Sulaiman Ghani TV presenter
Asim Qureshi of CAGE
Abdullah al Andalusi Islamic activist and speaker (co-founder of MDI)


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