DEBATE VIDEO: Feminism vs Islam ‘Does Islam Treat Women Right?’ Rebak’ah Mckinney-Perry vs Abdullah al Andalusi

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 07.52.35The video is now up, of the explosively entertaining debate with the highly vocal Irish feminist at a Dublin university, Rebak’ah Mckinney-Perry, and MDI’s Abdullah al Andalusi, on the topic ‘does Islam treat women right?’

Debate was held on 18th February 2014, hosted by the University College Dublin Law Society.

For all those who have been waiting, we’d like thank you for your patience, and hope that you enjoy the video, and find it intellectually stimulating as you find it entertaining. A review of some of the interesting points of the event can be read here.

The event featured a vote at the end, from the audience. After listening to both speakers, the audience overwhelmingly voted that Islam does indeed treat women right.

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  1. Sir, I had a question that has bothered me a lot. The Taliban, recently issued a rule to ban women from travelling without a male guardian. We know that this is a point of contention between schools of islamic jurisprudence. The Hanafi school prohibits it. According to the Maliki & Shafi schools, women are allowed to travel with the condition of safe company. My question is as follows:
    Does the state mandate these kinds of rulings on its Muslim citizens according to Islam?
    If so, then does that not restrict the freedom of women?,
    And are there examples of the state banning the traveling of women in the islamic empires of the past such as the otttoman empire(as it held the Hanafi school as its official madhab) and the abbasid empire?



  1. Debate Review: My public debate defending Islam from Feminist criticism « Abdullah al Andalusi

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