Remember, Remember…

6a00e00986be4d8833012876389b35970c-800wi‘If there was a Muslim born during the time of the Ottoman Caliphate, and, without changing any of his beliefs, he was able to live for 100 years. He’d start out his life simply being called a Muslim, until near the time of his death, where he’d be then labelled an ‘extremist’. It is funny how time changes people’s labels’.

This reflection of mine that I expressed some time ago, is based upon an actual case. I had met an 103 year old grandfather, from North Africa, and when I knew his age, I became curious and so I asked him if he knew anything about the ‘Uthmani Khilafah’, to which he replied ‘yes I remember them’. What was interesting, was the way he described the Uthmanis. He viewed the Uthmani Caliph as the leader of the world’s Muslims, and the champions for their defence, even though his lands were not under their direct control (due to French occupation). It was amazing to meet someone who had a living memory of the Caliphate – and he readily recognized the term.

He passed away 10 years ago (rahim Allah). The sad thing is, If he were still alive, he’d no doubt probably be called an ‘Islamist’.

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