TV Debate with Tommy Robinson on ‘Is Islam synonymous with Terrorism?’ (Hotseat, Vox Africa TV)

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Salam alaikum everyone,

Last week (24th May 2012), I debated Tommy Robinson (leader of the English Defence League) on a TV Channel ‘Vox Africa TV’ on the subject  “Is Islam synonymous with Terrorism?”

We also had Raza Nadim from MPAC and a member of the BNP attend as well.

It was a good discussion, and I had the opportunity to inform (and educate) Tommy Robinson about a number of facts, including how to read the Quran (i.e. reading before and after a misquoted verse, rather than just the verse itself, and letting your imagination run wide with it), and actually how many acts of terrorism in the world are actually committed by Muslims compared to other organisations, amongst other things.

Lastly, I re-iterated my oranisation’s public debate challenge to the EDL last year which was turned down by the EDL back then. However, on the TV show debate, Tommy seemed to accept. Let’s hope they take us up on the offer for a open debate on all the issues of contention later on this year, and see just how real or true they are.

I hope you enjoying watching it.

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  1. Salaam,

    Good job, brother. Better to sit him down and speak to him, and inshallah debate him. Be as patient as possible with him, repel evil with beauty, and the rest is up to the one and only, the mighty, the ar-rahman.


  2. Thank you for posting these beneficial debates. We Muslims can learn a lot from them in terms of how to respond to the lies and accusations made against us by some people.
    Jazakum Allahu Khayran.


  3. Assalamualaikom brother! You are doing very valuable work in the field of dawah and I ask that Allah SWT bless you and multiply your rewards. Ameen! JazakAllahu khayran!


  4. I was impressed by the BNP’s spokesman Carlos and his comments on Breivik and the French murder etc. and how he denounced the Western Media and how it distorts information.


  5. Excellent debate. May Allah reward you brother and help us all as Muslims to be prepared, confident and strong in the face of the propaganda against our deen.


  6. How could Tommy compare the marriage of Aisha (ra) with the girls grooming in the UK. His dead brain cells could not even comprehend this simple fact that Prophet (saw) married Aisha (ra) with the consent of her and her parents while the grooming thing he refers to again and again is fornication, which is absolutely Haram in Islam.


  7. “Terms like terrorists and extremists are potentially little more than propagandistic in nature, utilised by states to divert attention from their own actions. Alleged “terrorists” are often seen as freedom fighters by their own peoples, opposing invasions in their lands and fighting asymmetrical wars against those with power.” (

    For example, the United States of America bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki but still does not consider itself, nor does majority of renowned world organizations, as a terrorist. Because they hold the power of propaganda. The US has commited so many heinous crimes, worse than any military group has ever done.

    So it is a matter of perspective.


  8. It seems like people are being concerned with why only Islam has been used in radical ways. Well, the radical , violent, totalitarian usage of christianitty has been going on for the entire age of pre modernism to justify unjust hierarchies such as those between the feudal lords and the serfs and those of monarchies. The Enlightement’s only good thing was getting us out of that age.


  9. the only criticism I have is that abdullah focuses too much on trying to label all islamic extremism as solely modernist. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the reactionary extremists if they exist. They very well may not.


  10. @Global Madrasah

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