Controversial debate: Muslims in the West – what is the way forward?

Salam alaikum, the highly controversial debate “Muslims in the West – what is the way forward?” is up online. Watch the first minute for a preview of the whole debate, and recommend it to everyone you know who you think would be interested Inshallah. It was a debate between me and a pro-secularist, a pro-British Monarchist, and a Pro-National Security members of a panel (including the moderator who joined in against myself!). Enjoy!

Categories: DEBATES, Modernist Debates, Response to Secular Reformation & Modernism, The Muslim Debate Initiative, UK. Europe, North America & Muslim communities in the West

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  1. Ya Abdullah. Wearing togas and eating hoummus sounds like a wonderful thing to do!! By the way, where did you find such a fantastic and neutral chair from for this debate? May Allah (swt) protect you and keep you strong akhi


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