A Woman’s Du’a (Prayer)

I wrote this Poem in response to Islamophobe Ayan Hirsi Ali’s anti-Islamic film “Submission”, which depicted Muslim women as subjugated and oppressed by men in Islam. Ayan’s film depicted a woman praying to Allah (God), asking why Islam is allegedly unjust.

This poem, also expressed as a prayer, enunciates the true justice, liberation and glory of Muslim women in Islam.

A Woman’s Dua (Prayer)

Glory be unto You (Allah) that made kindness to me a worship for men.

Glorified is the created but glorious is the creator.

You have ordained for me crowns of cloth and silk that men may recognise my majesty.

I am enthroned upon their shoulders by your command.

They shall enter my presence in humility.

Provision is my tribute from them.

Respect is my due.

With life and blood do they guard me.

I am a protected treasure, of shrouded light, safe from those who would plunder me with their gaze.

You have made me a cradle of life, honoured and sacred.

Why should I be bound in shackles of forged whim and social expectation?

When being true to who I am You have promised me Your Face.

You have given me my rights in a world that would usurp them.

Though the voices of men are louder and heavier.

Praise be unto You that have given unto our speech an equal weighting.

Exulted am I above men, that I possess honour beyond need of earning.

For Nobility is my birthright.

By their deeds, I shall recognise the virtuous amongst men.

By their faults, I shall see their humanity.

For those judged worthy and noble- shall I burden them with a sweet taste.

A mercy and love ordained; shall be our exchange.

A worship of You manifest.

A sweet fruit; tasted but never touched, consumed but never eaten.

Tasted by the senses and consumed by the heart.

I am a taste of paradise incarnate.

A reminder of divine mercy.

Precious life shall be our gift.

Thus, glorified shall we be anew.

By those seeking shade underneath my feet.

By those who would call me mother.

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7 replies

  1. Could you please post your poems on http://twimagination.com as well? Especially this one.


  2. I’m not a muslim but I rather love this poem. May I share this?


  3. Salam alaikum brother
    Alhamdulillah!! Beautiful poetry
    May Allah reward you for your tireless work, and mAy he bless you with abundant happiness in the dunya and akhira. Ameen



  4. mashallah tebarek allah


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