A Converse of Wisdom

[A newer redaction of this poem can be found here]

A Skeptic said “What if you are wrong?”

I said “What if I am right?”

An Atheist said “How is there a Creator?”

I said “How is there a Creation?”

A Christian said “Love God and worship Jesus”

I said “Love Jesus and worship God”

A Jew said “God will be true to his covenant with us”

I said “But have you been true to your covenant with God?”

A Buddhist said “The purpose of life is to discover Enlightenment”

I said “Enlightenment means to discover the purpose of life”

A Polytheist said “I worship many gods that hear and intercede for me with the almighty God”

I said “I worship one God that’s almighty enough to hear me without an intercessor”

A Secularist said “Wars and killing for religious reasons are bad”

I said “Wars and killing for materialistic reasons are evil”

An Evolutionist said “The universe created life by itself, without needing God”

I said “Did the universe create itself without needing God?”

A Democrat said “The majority must rule”

I said “But what will rule the majority?”

A Nationalist said “The Nation comes first, before God”

I said “God was first, before the Nation”

A Conservative (Republican) said “Why don’t Muslims assimilate into our culture?”

I said “Because your culture demands assimilation”

A Patriot said “I support my country, right or wrong”

I said “A country has no right to be supported in wrong”

A Liberal said “What vanity prevents you from adopting Liberal values?”

I said “What Liberal value isn’t based on vanity?”

A Zionist said “The Palestinian call for justice imposes demands against Israel”

I said “Did not Zionism create Israel by unjustly imposing upon Palestine?”

A Neo-Conservative said “I believe we are the superior Civilization”

I said “That’s what makes you an inferior Civilisation”

An American politician said “We resist against those who use terrorism and violence”

I said “You use violence to terrorise those who resist”

A French Politician said “We have banned wearing the Niqab to free women”

I said “You have banned womens’ freedom to wear the Niqab”

An Islamophobe said “I hate Islam, and fear for my safety from Muslims”

I said “I fear for the safety of Muslims, from those who hate Islam”

A Pacifist said “The just way is to be peaceful”

I said “To be peaceful to the unjust, is injustice to the peaceful”

A Pragmatist said “Always choose the lesser of two evils”

I said “Then your choices will always be evil”

An Ascetic said “Leave worldly affairs, and seek God”

I said “Seek God in your worldly affairs”

A Conspiracy Theorist said “I believe that ‘They’ control the World”

I said “That belief controls your world”

A ‘Moderate Muslim’ said “Ideally, you should embrace compromise”

I said “You should embrace an uncompromisable Ideal”

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  1. Permission to start forwarding this all over the place please!


  2. You have a beautiful mind, sir. Thank you for this.


  3. Very interesting and thought provoking piece!


  4. why haven’t you posted this on fb?? Love it akhi


  5. that was Wonderful sir. May Allah reward you the best and grant us paradise.



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