Debate: Is Secularism a Rational choice for humanity? President of American Atheists, Dr Ed Buckner vs Abdullah al Andalusi

For many years, the debate between Secularists and Muslims, Political theists and theocrats have been dominated by the claim that Secularism represents a rational Ideology justified by reason, and proven intellectually and practically. However in recent times, more and more intellectuals have begun to question whether the claim that secularism’s rationality is really true.

Now this debate has come out into the open, and Secularists clash with Theists in this controversial, yet relevant debate: ‘Is Secularism a rational choice for humanity?’.

Title: Is Secularism a Rational choice for humanity?

Speakers: Dr Ed Buckner, Director of the American Atheists organisation Abdullah al Andalusi, Director of Muslim Debate Initiative

Date: 20th June 2010 Venue: Conway Hall, Holborn, central london

Categories: DEBATES, Secularism, Secularism Debates, The Muslim Debate Initiative

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