The Muslim perspective towards the British Flag

A presentation I gave to at the London Naval Club in Mayfair, on the Muslim perspective towards the British Flag. It covers the Islamic view on Nationalism, symbols of national pride and more. Don’t miss the MP’s comments after my presentation!

14th May 2010

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  1. Fabius Maximus has an excellent article explaining why
    pledging allegiance to the (USA) flag is something in total contradiction to the vision of the founding fathers of the USA.
    “Why do we pledge allegiance to a flag, ignoring the Founders’ instructions?”

    Instead of a blind pledge of allegiance to a flag
    the original oath (not explicitly to anyone) was
    for the upholding of the Constitution.

    “The Pledge of Allegiance” is also not that old with respect to the entire history of the USA.
    It was written by Francis Bellamy (socialist and Baptist minister) in 1892, formally adopted by Congress in 1942, and revised four times since then.


    Names don’t define people, unless willingly.
    People define their names.

    If flags are practical identifiers like names then

    Flags don’t define people, unless willingly.
    People define their flags.


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