Debate: Should God be de-radicalised? – Is Secularism a good idea? Bob Churchill vs Abdullah al Andalusi

MDI proudly presents the debate “Should God be de-radicalised? – Religion and state in the modern world”

Speakers are: Bob Churchill, member of the National Secular Society and Abdullah al Andalusi.

Debate was held on 29 September 2009, in Central London, at the Abrar Hall.
In the modern world, religion is seen as a relic of the past, as being unable to deal with contemporary problems, and at worst, being the cause of today’s afflictions and problems.

But is this accurate? Is religion the cause of modern day wars, social breakdown and global warming? Isn’t it rather the mass industry of materialistically-focused societies producing, and polluting, in mass quantities without regard to the ethical limits we find common in religion? Is public morality in decay due to the secularisation of society? Are wars about Oil and nationalism, rather than religion?but Lastly, can religion provide answers which are fundamentally lacking in Secularism?

Both sides of the debate, both ideological Secular Atheist and ideological Theist, debate the role religion should play in the 21st century in this intellectually stimulating discussion- Should God be de-radicalised?


Bob Churchill

Bob studied Philosophy at the University of Warwick and Queens University, Canada. He worked in communications and marketing, then systems development, before joining the British Humanist Association in January 2008 as the Membership and Web Manager. He now liaises with local humanist groups, manages membership communications, and has been responsible for the BHAs online presence during the Atheist Bus Campaign. He has represented the BHA on radio and television and has discussed philosophy, religion, values and Humanism in public debates and interfaith forums.

Abdullah al Andalusi

Abdullah is a former Christian who embraced Islam at a young age, and has studied Islam in depth since he was 18. He also has an academic background in Computer Science. Abdullah has had a long experience in working for Islamic revival and the establishment of Islamic shariah in the Muslim world.

His activities involve speaking at community centres, universities, colleges and appearances on various TV programmes. He is experienced in debates with Atheists, Secularists and Christians, and has be involved in public and radio debates with Atheists and Christians.

Part 1 – Opening Statements

Part 2 – Questions and Answers


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