My return to YouTube, upcoming projects and a much needed apology #ProjectBarakah

Salam alaikum ra rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu brothers and sisters, I’d like to wish everyone Ramadan kareem for the beginning of Ramadan, which Allah (SWT) has blessed us all to be able to witness again after one year since the last. May Allah (SWT) make this month a source of blessings, positive change and forgiveness of sins for all of you, ameen.

I want to announce the exciting Project Barakah #ProjectBarakah and inviting you all to support a massive FUNDRAISING campaign TO EXPAND dawah, teaching and supporting for the Muslim community to levels of quality, accuracy and quantity not seen before Insha’Allah. To wit, I’ll be Insha’Allah releasing a huge backlog of videos of lectures on nationalism, hindutva (and the ironic history of ‘hinduism’), liberalism, colonialism, never-seen-before-DEBATES, AND….my explosive documentary style REVIEW OF THE COSMIC SKEPTIC DEBATE on my youtube channel in support of this much needed campaign.

I’ll also be releasing bitesized concept breakdown videos on different proofs of God (including my ‘argument from Space-time’), and answering atheist arguments, liberal arguments, and much much more.

So please join me and support the upcoming Project Barakah Campaign!

More to come Insha’Allah Please visit:

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