NEW COURSE! The Dawah Masterclass – Discover The Art Of Muslim Apologetics –

It’s here alhamdulillah!! My Dawah Masterclass course demonstrating the truth of Islam from the unique angle of showing how Islam is the ONLY possible explanation of reality, coming 30th October 2020 (Insha’Allah), at the The Quran Institute (both onsite and online)

Date: 30th October 2020

Venue: Online (worldwide access) and onsite (London (E1), UK)

Online/Onsite Tickets & Information:

Course Description:

Do you see an oncoming tide of faith crisis in the muslim community? Want to be be able to guide cultural muslims to not simply replace their parents culture with a western one? Do you love humanity, and yearn to guide and win over hearts to Islam?

Tear down modern false idols one idea at a time. Prove the truth of Islam, show the fallacies behind other theologies, and demonstrate the superiority of Allah (SWT)’s commands against all other political and ethical systems. Invite to Islam.

Employing 20 years of research and experience, the course will equip attendees with the basis for yaqeen (certainty) in belief, and the ability to prove and explain the truth of Islam and the wisdom of its guidance to others.

The course will give attendees a working knowledge of the different major religious and secular political creeds in the world today, from Christianity and hinduism to secular liberalism and Marxism.

The course will go through their origins and the assumptions and contradictions within their foundations, the critical weaknesses in the justifications for their claims, and how to engage the followers of these ideas with wisdom and understanding.

The course will showcase, and be structured around, a unique approach to teaching dawah to Islam, namely, rationally demonstrating and testing the hypothesis that Islam is the only possible explanation for reality.

This detailed course is ideal for:

  • College/university students of knowledge within the humanities and social sciences
  • Muslims working with those experiencing doubts about Islam
  • Muslim counsellors who need to build an ethical framework to navigate through client centric/integrative models of counselling
  • Students of knowledge in Alimiyyah and Iftaa programs
  • Madrasah teachers and headteachers

Check out the new TQI 2020-2021 Prospectus:

“We live in an age of dawah, whether we are conveying or being conveyed to, the battle of ideas has reached every level of our community. Every Muslim must equip him/herself with the ability to defend, convey and call to account those who intentionally or unintentionally misrepresent Islam. Dawah to Islam is the work of the prophets and the greatest of our forebears. I highly recommend this course to all students of knowledge. I have great respect for Ustadh Abdullah who has proven himself from the days of Speakers Corner to Oxford Union Debates. Like many others, I wait with anticipation to attend and benefit from this course”

Mufti Moinul Abu Hamza

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10 replies

  1. Salam.
    Will recordings be available for those who can’t attend live ? I’m a teacher in the US and I’ll be missing part of the class.


  2. Brother, this is unrelated, but as someone researching economics in my free time, I reccommend you look at some of Henry George’s works which propose a Single Tax on unimproved land value which can replace income and capital taxes. Not only does this reduce inequality without the need for any intervention, it also has no impact on productivity. The ethics behind it are sound as well. People are entitled to what they produced however land is not produced by people, it is god given, so no claim can be put on the site itself, only improvements made such as building a home or growing crops. How would this fare under Islamic Governance and would it be compatible?


    • Assalamu alaikum brother, I am from India, I lovr you for the sake of Allah, you are my inspiration i follow all your debates, the prospectus link is not working,, will this course be available in online?


  3. Why call it apologetics?


    • Apologetics comes from the Greek apologia, which means “defence”. Islam has a simple message and invitation, but this course is about defending the certitude and proofs behind that invitation – and therefore is called ‘apologetics’.


      • I see. Always had a very bad impression of the word “apologetics” and never thought of googling it for some reason. Thank you for replying and may God bless you in your work


  4. How would you respond to someone asking for the age of marriage/consent in Islam? If possible I would like to hear something from the Qur’an.


  5. I’m from india how can i join what are the procedures etc


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