Muslim Political Apathy leads to Atheism

If Islam be denied political agency because it is too inconvenient, then surely by the same principle, the rest of Islam be also denied when inconvenient also.

And when the voice of Islam that resides in the minds of Muslims, be also deemed inconvenient due to the insufferable dissonance between absence of action and Islam’s persistent exhortation to obligation, application and resolution of the affairs of the believer and the community of believers – it too shall be exorcised in the name of the same principle by which Islam was denied any political agency in the first place – inconvenience.

Over time, the muffled and mostly silenced voice of Islam will be (mis)taken for an absence of the ability of Islam, and therefore God – to ever address and resolve worldly problems.

Forgotten will be the reasons for the cause of the inconvenience, those who created and maintained it, who imposed and guarded it – the guns of foreign powers, the whip wielded by colonially created ruling elites, and the amplified sermons of their servants – obsequious and effete scholars purporting to be preservers of Islam, but whose primary vocation and service is for a very opposite end, the restraining of believers from any meaningful activity against the multitudes of injustices that prevail upon them.

But all that will be forgotten, and all that will remain is the (mis)perception of silence and inability of divine revelation to produce any efficacious comment or guidance for affairs of mankind to take the world from darkness into light.

Gradually, the (mis)perceived silence of revelation will be interpreted as a silence of God on the need for human guidance to resolve world injustices, and inexorably, and following soon thereafter, will be the sneaking suspicion that God’s silence is not because he decides not to speak or is inept at guiding mankind, but because he doesn’t exist.

Those amongst the believers who began refraining from reiterating to the masses, the words of God that guide human action in addressing the affairs of life and the world, are the first cause of the creation of those who deny the first cause of Creation.

It is those who stop speaking the words of God in all affairs, that make Him appear deficient at best and silent at worst – and a deficient or silent God, is no God at all.

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