Upcoming Event: ‘How do we know Islam is True?’ 4th April 2019, Plymouth University, UK

I’ve been invited by Plymouth University (Plymouth) Islamic Society to give a lecture on “How do you know Islam is True?” – a look at how Muslims can discover the truth of Islam in light of a comparison with rival worldviews such as Secular Liberalism and Communism.

Venue: Plymouth University

Room: Roland Levinsky Lecture Theatre 2

Time: 7pm

Date: 4th April 2019

Out of all the countless religions in our world, why choose Islam? What makes this unique and uncorrupted form of monotheism the foundation of mankind’s dignity and civilisation’s values?

In an era of truth being deemed relative, and shyness in the face of a secular society, the key and most important aspect of Islam, why it is the truth and how we know it to be so, is sadly neglected. Many topics will be discussed such as Islam and Liberalism, the reasoning behind the belief of Muslims and misconceptions of the Faith in an attempt to promote a better understanding of Islam within the wider community.

All are welcome to attend. Event will be recorded Insha’Allah.

Date on the poster may be inaccurate, the date is to be 4th April 2019 Insha’Allah.

Plymouth University Islamic Society Events Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1399883346845038/


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  1. Isnt there Video to watch???


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