Event: Political Islam – From Muhammad (S) to Ghazali to modern day [London School of Economics & Political Science, 14th Feb 2019]

For LSE Students only

The highly prestigious London School of Economics and Political Philosophy (LSE), under the auspices of the Student Union Islamic Society, is hosting an exciting event that looks at “Political Islam” (or as Muslims for 1,400 years called it, just Islam), examining Islamic political theory and philosophy from Muhammad (S) to Ghazali to modern day.

The lecture will see basic questions asked and discussed: “what is politics?”, “why do people need a state at all?”, what is “political theory?” to “Does Islam address politics?”, what is the ideal Islam seeks in Politics? What does Islam consider the basis for authority?, does Islam have a world project? and what is the purpose of the Muslim community?

The lecture will also discuss how Islamic political theory was elaborated and reiterated over Islamic history, in response to various developments and contingencies.

Event will be recorded and posted online for those who cannot attend. However, for those who can attend, you’ll get the privilege of being able to ask questions and make comments.



Time: 6pm

Date: Thursday 14th February 2019

Room 7.02 CLM
[Clement House]

(Open to LSE students only)



WhatsApp Image 2019-02-11 at 22.50.26

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