Event: Rise of Islam – Reviving the History (12th February 2019, University of East London)

On Tuesday 12th February 2019, at 5pm, I will Insha’Allah be speaking at the University of East London on the topic ‘Rise of Islam: Reviving the History’, exploring the contributions to world civilisation by the Islamic civilisation and Muslims whose society and purpose was driven by Islam.

The discussion will chart the unprecedented rise of a world class leader in urban planning, medical technology, astronomy, chemistry, the first warded hospitals and much more, for a peoples who originally started out in a backwater part of the world, ignored by the world empires of their time.

The most important discussion, will not just be about how Muslims achieved these great feats of engineering and social peace back then, but what mindset the early Muslims possessed that could provide Muslims today with a path to repeat and attain successes again and for the future.


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