Abdullah al Andalusi & Mohammed Hijab: The Problem of Liberalism, and the Islamic Response [SALAMCast]

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Mohammed Hijab of SALAM Initiative, on the topic of ‘The Problem of Liberalism and the Islamic Response [PART1]’ at the SALAM Initiative studio.

The discussion was in-depth, good-humoured and delightful, and in this first part, we managed to discuss what is Liberalism, why it is a problem in the world today, how it conflicts with religions, the origins of Liberalism, the mistaken assumptions used to justify it, the contradictions within it, and how Islam addresses human nature (or a personal and societal level) in a better way than Liberalism, avoiding all the contradictions upon which Liberalism hasn’t been able to reconcile. A recommended watch (or listen) to all those who want to know more about this important subject.

The SALAM Initiative has published the video on their youtube channel and can be seen below. Insha’Allah I look forward to discussing more the Problem of Liberalism, and the Islamic Response, in an upcoming second discussion (part 2) of the series.

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