THE USUL OF WESTERN CIVILISATION – Upcoming Course on the Study of Occidentology

In 2014, I wrote an article asking “Why doesn’t everyone study the West, like we study Ancient Egypt?” [1]

Now the study of Occidentology is starting soon in the UK Insha’Allah!

Why is the West (currently) the most technologically and militarily advanced civilisation? Don’t know the difference between a Fascist or Nationalist? Don’t know what ideology Conservatism is? Can’t tell the (detailed) difference between a left-wing liberal, socialist, progressive or radical? Can’t explain the difference between a liberal and a Liberal? Don’t know the difference between a neo-conservative and a conservative? Wondering why Conservatives attack Liberals, but criticise non-Westerners for illiberal beliefs and practices? Don’t know how liberals justify wars, or even left-wingers can be intolerant? What do liberals mean by “freedom”, when all parties are happy to limit speech and actions to some degree? What is even the actual justification for ANY of the liberal values and beliefs touted by their advocates? And what is the historical basis and circumstance that gave rise to them?

Don’t even know what any of the above terms even mean?

This is the course for you.

Occidentology (Study of the West) is the objective study of Western civilisation, its beliefs, history and development of a distinct civilisation from others – from an outside and objective basis. It uses the methods of Egyptology, but applies it upon the West. This study is very different to:

1) Study of the West from it’s own perspective. This is usually taught at universities – and assumes that Western philosophy and cultural values are universal and objective (much like the Ancient Egyptians viewed themselves and their culture).

2) Study of the West from a prejudiced perspective (or Occidentalism). Like the Western study of the ”East” (Orientalism), Occidentalism is a study of the West designed to be critical and dismissive – usually employed as a counter to Western Imperialism, Colonialism and of course, Orientalism. While critique may be deserved, it does not help knowledge to enter into a subject with prejudice or a priori assumptions.

The study of Occidentology will adopt a non-judgmental, objective study of the West, but with the key difference that it will treat the West like any other civilisation under study. Most people studying Egyptology, or Mayan civilisation, do not usually adopt prejudices to it, mostly because it is considered a dead civilisation of which political considerations could never possible re-exist. However, in order to understand how to engage, interact with, and live in, Western Civilisation, an objective, detached and ‘outside the box’ study would be of tremendous benefit to both Muslims and the wider world.

As many people who study Roman or Greek civilisation, may start with a historian of Rome, like Tactius or (one of the) Greek city-states, like
Thucydides, so we’ll start off with examining the famous writer and philosopher, Bertrand Russell, and his own self-appraisal of the history and development of Western Civilisation. The course will compare his appraisal with ancillary material, historical record and other sources to give both his view, and a wider picture.

The course won’t contrast Islam with the West, it will equip the student to be able to understand the West, and Western philosophy, in order to contrast any of its beliefs, culture and history with their own – just like Egyptology would.

This course is a must for anyone who wishes to understand the West, and more importantly, engage with it, its societies or (in countries it has influenced) its ideas and politics.


Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem 

By the grace and help of Allah (SWT) we’re happy to share with you some good news that has taken me and my team by six months to plan and execute and it is a major development of the Quran Institute in regards to the unique direction it is taking. Before that, here’s some developments out of manywe can share with you today!

Book an onsite or online access ticket for the entire ten week course:

Firstly, it is my distinct honour to have Ustadh Abdullah Al Andalusi joining our lineup of dynamic instructors for our institute. We have always considered this brother and teacher to be most suitable to launch our new Occidentology department due to his knowledge and scope within his respective field and his work ethic at the intellectual frontier when it comes to discussing and advocating and debating the Islamic perspective and its role in our lives and how Islam differs with other materialistic ways of life. Our Occidentology department is dedicated to ‘Tahqeeq al Manat’, it is a department dedicated to research and study of what we call ‘The West’ so as to understand our context. Our department was mainly inspired by Ustadh Abdullah Al Andulusi’s work. In our humble opinion, with textual knowledge alone and without proper study of our context, we cannot know for certain if we are Islamically or un-Islamically influenced by this context.

Currently we have already a dedicated Arabic department that teaches Arabic grammar, morphology and literary excellence. We also have a more extensive department that includes foundation to advanced level studies in Usul ul Fiqh, Tafsir and so on. Today we are opening our new Occidentology department. A brief summary of what this department is about is ‘a study of ‘The West’ to produce a comprehensive model of the West, with which to find observations and research about its history, politics, philosophy/thought, culture, society and the nature of ‘The West’ from an objective standpoint’. Basically the aim is to help those who seek to place matters within an islamic context by first understanding those matters we are rectifying. More details about this dept coming soon.

Lastly we are announcing a new course ‘The Usuliyoon of Western Civilisation’ which is taking place in the heart of Whitechapel, London that will span for approximately ten weeks starting from January the 11th. Details of the course with Eventbrite registration and payment access will be shared online tomorrow. And yes, there will be an ‘early bird discount’ for those who take advantage of our limited seats.

Non Muslims and Muslims are welcome. Brothers and sisters are welcome, students of knowledge in Darul Ulooms and students of social sciences at University are all welcome. We highly recommend you students to sign up for this one off course. Dont miss this opportunity!




[1] Why doesn’t everyone study the West, like we study Ancient Egypt?


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