Tommy Robinson is no “Free Speech martyr”

Tommy Robinson has gone to jail for contempt of court after breaching a previous sentence. His supporters portraying as a “martyr for free speech” who’s “only crime” was “raising awareness about issues no one else wants to talk about”. However, Tommy Robinson isn’t a “brave guy who dares to talk about topics no one else is talking about” on Muslims in the UK [as his followers who have us believe]. The right-wing media have been mass-publishing & repeating, distorted news/headlines on Muslims for decades . Tommy isn’t breaking new ground, he’s just a tabloid paper reader and copy-&-paster.


No one has shutdown the media, or imprisoned journalists in either the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Telegraph or the Times, for any of their inflammatory headlines. So tell us again what Tommy has ever said that was original, or never said before by bigger media platforms.

Oh, Tommy goes outside courts to “raise awareness”? You mean of cases where the perpetrators were already caught by the police, that the media are already aware of the case and attending it (to report it in new mass-headlines once it is over), and have regularly reported the conclusion of? Come on.

If anything, Tommy Robinson’s attendance at these court cases runs the risk of a mistrial being declared due to concerns over prejudicing the right to a fair trial, and the perpetrators getting off scot-free. Surely not the result we all want if they’re guilty of rape is it?

Tommy Robinson isn’t a martyr for “free speech”, the EDL started when Anjem Choudary’s group also claimed to use their “right to free speech” to begin protesting against British soldiers coming back from Afghanistan (leading to many violent clashes between Tommy’s supporters, police and members of the public who were targeted).

[Anjem Choudary and most of his group are behind bars, a fact that tends to conveniently forgotten by Tommy when he complains that the government gives “Muslims” a free pass, but not “non-Muslims].

The only thing Tommy does is act as a lightning rod for supporters seeking extra-judicial violence [1], generated by the storm the right-wing media have been brewing for years. How do you expect the government to react to that? To welcome people who take the law into their own hands?

In the meantime, Paedophiles in the UK, who are reported as “exclusively of white ethnicity” [2] (some of them EDL/Tommy supporters [3]), will never have to worry about Tommy Robinson waiting for them outside their court case sessions to “Raise awareness”. I wonder why?

To read my response to the issue of “Asian/Muslim grooming gangs” in the UK click here.




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