CANADA TOUR 2018 – Edmonton, Calgary [in Alberta], Saskatoon and Regina [in Saskatchewan]

Salam alaikum brothers and sisters. I am currently en route to Canada, and will be doing a speaking tour Insha’Allah.
I will be presenting this topic at four universities [organiser’s description]:
“Breaking Faking News”
‘Abdullah al Andalusi will put Islamophobia on trial as its hateful discourses in today’s media are deconstructed and the counter-narrative truths about Islam & Muslims are presented’
This will be about deconstructing media portrayals and hateful ideologies and discourses about Islam and Muslims. Taking the common narratives seen in today’s media and then exposing them through detailed analysis. The goal here will be to also construct a true image of who Muslims are today and what they believe in. How do real Muslims differ from those portrayed in the media? What actually happens in a Mosque on a daily basis?
My current itinerary below is as follows:
Tuesday 6th February
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology [NAIT University, Edmonton]
The Shaw Theatre
Time 6 p.m.
Wednesday 7th February
University of Saskatchewan [Saskatchewan]
Time 6:30pm
Thursday 8th February
University of Regina [Saskatchewan]
Time 7pm
Friday 9th February
University of Calgary [Calgary]
KNB 132
Time 6pm
Saturday 10th February
Topic: ‘Deconstructing media mis-information and maintaining positive outlook for the Ummah’
All university events are organised by the MSAs and UnitedIAW. I will put details of each event out before the day Inshallah. Hope to see you all Insha’allah!
Many thanks to UnitedIAW and brother Omar for their great work organising this.

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